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A Pakistani’s Trip To India Part 1

Pakistan and India have a very really complicated relationship. But let me walk you through my experience that I had when we visited India

So we took a flight from Karachi to Mumbai at the airport we had a little bit of problem as we had to fill various security checks but what I liked about the Indians was that they didn’t do any racist thing with us when we asked for help as my dad was having an eye infection that day

So our first stop was at my fathers uncle house who welcomed us with open hands though he was poor but had a real big heart and welcomed us with some traditional Indian food.

The next day we went to my fathers cousin house whose home was small that we had to take shifts in eating  the dinner but that didn’t stopped them from serving us with some pretty tasty Chicken Salan.

It was the Ganesh festival we got to see this for the first time and next day we had a train from Mumbai to Hyd which was exactly (On Time) which was weird for me as in Pakistan the train is rarely on time