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Legends Of Tomorrow “Doom-World” review

Legends have been absolutely brilliant this season the show is the funniest among the arrow-verse and can be dark when needed.
Reverse Flash created an alternate reality which according to me is better than the “Flashpoint” on The Flash. Damien Dhark is the Mayor of Star City, Merlyn has his whole family back(and even his hands), Captain Cold and Heat Wave are thieves and the police don’t catch them apparently and Eobard is a man of science (that he is).

The good thing about Thawne is he is not the typical villain trying to destroy the world he just wants to save himself (which he did by capturing the black flash) in this reality.

Whereas in the legends group Nate is a loser writing blogs(umm am I a loser too?) and living with his mom. Ray is a Janitor(hilarious), Sara and Amaya are henchwomen for Dhark (hot). Jax is a tool and Martin is a genius.

So Mick finally understands his mistake and wake the legends up with a little help from nate and the science-y gun Ray made to wake them up.

But the fight breaks and all hell breaks loose and Eobard ends up destroying the spear and Captain Cold killed Amaya.

In the end Sara decides to go back to 1916 and to protect the spear from falling into the legions hand but the thing is they don’t have the time machine as its a toy at the Star Lab(I just love the shenanigans Thawne pulls)

I rate this episode 9/10 and cant wait for the finale.


First blog post


So this is my very first blog and I am really excited/nervous. I’ve heard a lot about writing blogs that they increase knowledge and information and increase ones writing capability so I always wanted to experience “writing” whether its a blog or a novel or a comic etc
So here am I jumping into the beautiful world of writing . I would say that you guys the readers you got to go for the things you want and not let fear win . you should be brave enough to try new things as change is necessary in ones life and though many people hate change it does make us into a better person in every manner it gives us experience and allows us to know our hidden talents so one should not be hesistant in trying new things